2016 Kizomba Artists

Christian Gutierrez - Houston,Texas

Charles Ogar -  Austin,TX
Eric Kizomba - Orlando

Favian Bustos & Cynthia Mendez  - Austin, TX

Lola Monet - Los Angeles, CA
Jules & Melodie - Canada

Benga DaBeatz
Juho So - Korea



2016 Zouk Artists

Tirso Chauca - Los Angeles
Chanel B. May - Los Angeles

Jules Bertrand - Canada

Melodie Fares - Canada
Samy Ahmed - DC
Luis Loredo - Dallas
Favian Bustos - Austin
Hannah Miller-Jones - Austin




2016 Salsa Artists


Salsa Jennifer - London

Lucas Prat - Denver

Jay Stylz - Dallas

Marcos & Tabitha - Chicago

CaliRumba - Dallas, TX



2016 Bachata Artists


Edward Zambrano - Los Angeles
Jessica Trujillo - Los Angeles

Xilo & Fito - Mexico

Jules Bertrand - Montreal, Canada
Melodie Fare - Montreal, Canada

Arturo Garcia- Dallas, TX
Elisa Cavi - Dallas,TX
Brian Gomez - San Antonio, TX

Lucas Prat - Denver
Marco Ramos-Garcia - Milwaukee
Tabitha De La O - Chicago
Luis Loredo - Dallas,TX
Damian Guzman - Houston,TX
Alejandro Rey - Los Angeles
Erica Nicole - Los Angeles

Alejandro Ramirez - Mexico

Carlos Cinta - Chicago

Mike Zuniga - Orange County, CA

Edwin Ferreras - New York City, NY

Daniela Grosso - Argentina/ NYC

Summer Sando - Tucson, AZ

Bruce Sando - Tucson, AZ

Jay Stylz - Dallas, TX

Tamara Valle - Paris, France / Dallas,TX

Robert Lay - Dallas, TX

Jorge Elizondo - Mc Allen, Texas
Favian Bustos - Austin, TX

Rodrigo & Wendy - Charlotte, NC

Dionicio and Stacie - Houston,TX




2016 Speciality Workshops


East Coast Swing Crash Course
Sean Christopher - Atlanta,GA
Hip Hop - Ladies Choreo Challenge
Tamara Valle - Dallas,TX
Acro Yoga
Max & Liz - Dallas,TX
Brazilian Samba
Ernest & Lidumar - UDA Dallas
Lap Dance
Summer & Alejandro
Krav Maga Self Defense for Traveling
Bruce Sando
Couples Massage
Summer Sando
Salsa Choke - Ras Tas Tas
CaliRumba  - Dallas,TX


DBF 2016 DJ Line Up

Bachata Romantica / Urban Room

DJ Jose - Dallas

DJ BachataJorge - TX


Bachata Dominicana Room

Carlos Cinta - Chicago

DJ Ron - Denver


Salsa/ Mambo/ Cha Cha Room

DJ Juanito Pachanga - Denver

Kizomba /Zouk Room

DJ Favian - Austin,TX
DJ Sami



DBF 2016 Live Concert

Bachata Singer - Anthony Torres
Singing his Latest Bachata Hits!

Saxophone Artist - Neander Lima
Playing the latest Bachatas Hits on his Saxophone


Meet your 2016
Dallas Bachata Festival Artist

Jules & Melodie

 Montreal, Canada

Zouk/ Kizomba/ Sensual Bachata

Xilo y Fito - Mexico

Dominican & Sensual Bachata


Arturo & Elisa - Dallas, TX

 Sensual Bachata / Bachatango

Rodrigo & Wendy - Charlotte, NC
Bachata / Tango / Kizomba

Edward & Jessica
Los Angeles, CA


Lucas Prat -
Bachata & Salsa

Marcos & Tabitha
Milwaukee  / Chicago

Bachata & Salsa

Max & Liz
Dallas, TX


Mike Zuniga - Orange County, CA
Rhythmic Fusion Dance Company


Tirso & Chanel

Edwin & Daniela - NYC
LFX Dance Company

Bachata & Merengue

Damian Guzman
 Houston, TX

Robert Lay - Dallas, TX

Seduxion Dance Company


Tamara Valle - France

Director of Mademoiselle Dance Team




Salsa Jennifer
London / Texas

Summer Sando & Bruce
Tuscon, AZ

Bachata & Lap Dance

Alejandro Ramirez Silva - Mexico

Director of
Candela Latin Club Cholula

Christian Franco - Houston,TX

Director of Latin Dance Factory

Jay Stylz- Dallas, TX

 DBF MC & Bachata & Salsa

Favian Bustos & Cynthia Mendez -
Inspired Movement Austin,TX

Kizomba & Bachata

Jorge Elizondo - RGV, Texas
BachataFusion /  DBF Organizer

Alejandro Rey & Erica Nicole
Paso De Oro Dance Co. - Los Angeles 
Urban Bachata / R&B Fusion / Merengue

 Patricia- Dallas,TX
Directors of
Calirumba Dance Company

Brian Gomez - San Antonio
Director of Island Touch
San Antonio

Lidumar Plazola & Ernest Joplare

Directors of United Dance Academy - Dallas,TX



Benga DaBeatz


of Beatz Evolution & Beatz Media Production


Lola Monet -
 AKA Queen Beatz

Los Angeles, CA

Carlos Cinta

Chicago, IL

Charles Ogar


Luis Loredo
Bachata & Zouk

Dallas, TX

Dionicio Martinez and
Stacie Holyoak

Houston, TX

Sean Christopher -
 East Coast Swing


Juho So
Kizomba / Mambo

Seoul, Korea / Chicago

Meet your Amazing 2016 DJ Team for
the Dallas Bachata Festival

Dallas Bachata Festival

DJ Jose - Head DJ
Bachata Urban & Romantica Room

Dallas Bachata Festival

DJ Juanito Pachanga - Denver,CO
Salsa/ Mambo Room

Dallas Bachata Festival

DJ Rj - Denver, CO
Dominican Bachata Room

Dallas Bachata Festival

Carlos Cinta - Chicago
Dominican Bachata Room

Dallas Bachata Festival

DJ Favian -Austin, TX

Kizomba / Zouk  Room

Dallas Bachata Festival

DJ Benga
Kizomba / Zouk Room

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